Artistic mediator

In numerous interdisciplinary projects proposed by Ça m’Résille, artists have had the opportunity to collaborate with specialized educators, psychologists, etc.

Because no single person embodies the role of artistic mediator, it is the encounter of these professions that creates mediation.

Ça m’Résille has acquired its skills through all these project realizations and those of Sébastien LECOUVREUX, as a coordinator. Because his dual experience as a social worker and artist is at the origin of the association, the way of thinking, creating, implementing, and evaluating projects is unique and original in supporting vulnerable populations.

The projects were numerous and varied, with strong repercussions among the individuals involved, in institutions, and even in the media.

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Artistic mediation aims to be an educational tool, providing support, allowing the artistic potential of each individual to be revealed. Within the institution, it allows for a rethinking of the roles and postures of both support providers and those being supported.

An artistic mediation approach opens up possibilities for each individual, allowing for a change of perspective, offering support providers the opportunity to reconsider the abilities, skills, and interests of the individuals they work with on a daily basis.

This isn’t cinema
This isn’t cinema

THIS ISN'T CINEMA Film Projet What it is ? This Isn't Cinema is the bold venture of creating a film in one week with individuals in the process of seeking asylum, accompanied in Reception and Orientation Centers (CADA).AUDIENCE After applying for asylum, the French...

Social Contrast
Social Contrast

Social contrasT Film ProjectWHAT IT IS ? Social Contrast is the creation of photo and sound portraits with adults facing precarious situations, hosted in social structures (day centers and emergency shelters), accompanied by a director, a photographer, and a...

Woven Links
Woven Links

WOVEN LINKS Film Project | Short Films on Mental Health Theme   Woven Links is a cinema project in the Crestois region, where young people aged 12 to 18 addressed their difficulties around the theme of mental health. The young people were accompanied by the...

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