Film Projet

What it is ?

This Isn’t Cinema is the bold venture of creating a film in one week with individuals in the process of seeking asylum, accompanied in Reception and Orientation Centers (CADA).


After applying for asylum, the French government must provide accommodation and support for these individuals, with CADA being the designated structure. These individuals have experienced painful moments during their journey into exile, and it is the story they wanted to make visible for themselves and for the world.


Because the actions of Ça m’Résille are innovative and unique, the aim is to create an educational tool by and for these accompanied individuals, also intended for educational teams. Indeed, one of the association’s premises is that by pursuing artistic objectives, we can create educational goals.

With this innovative artistic proposal, Ça m’Résille brings new perspectives, approaches, and innovative responses tailored to the difficulties faced by these individuals


The educational objectives are numerous and designed by both the support staff and the accompanied individuals. It involves engaging in a project together, experiencing moments of well-being, making social mechanisms of invisibility visible, and more.

For the teams, it means creating connections between professionals, between structures, and shifting perspectives.

Les diffusions