Ça mRésille !

To “résiller” : [ʀezije] is a transitive verb (from the latin”resillire”, meaning to sparkle)
In the context of performing arts, theater, and music, it refers to the action of using arts to shift focus away from everyday life, to gain perspective or insight.

Ça m'Résille is an associative structure that develops its activities in the field of performing arts.
It has undertaken several missions:
  • Promoting artistic groups and companies by managing their communication and dissemination,
  • Providing support for the production of their shows or concerts by handling all administrative ,legal, or payroll-related aspects, as well as seeking subsidies,
  • Using art as an educational tool for socio-educational institutions, with the aim of creating innovative and relevant educational materials, that adapt to audiences who typically do not have access to artistic practices.

Ça m‘Résille is an member of the Culture Commission of the
Federation of Actors for Solidarity in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

Based in Drôme, it has branches in
Vendée and Loire Atlantique.

Gestion de prod

Contrats de travail, contrats de cession, DPAE, congés spectacle, bulletins de salaires…


Besoin de diffusion ?

Outils éducatifs

L’art comme outil éducatif

Médiation artistique

La pluridisciplinarité des professions pour une médiation artistique unique

Réalisation de vidéos

Ça m’Résille vous propose de réaliser votre outils de communication


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