Social contrasT

Film Project


Social Contrast is the creation of photo and sound portraits with adults facing precarious situations, hosted in social structures (day centers and emergency shelters), accompanied by a director, a photographer, and a philosopher.


The individuals participating in this project are adults who are supported by social structures. Here, these individuals may come to take a break from their daily issues, manage administrative and medical matters, and create moments of sharing and connection.


Because Ça m’Résille’s actions are innovative and unique, the aim is to create an educational tool by and for these supported individuals, also intended for educational teams. Indeed, one of the association’s premises is that by pursuing artistic objectives, we can create educational goals.

With this innovative artistic proposal, Ça m’Résille brings new perspectives, approaches, and innovative responses tailored to the difficulties faced by these individuals.


The realization of an artistic mediation project creates a mirror effect between artistic and educational objectives.

Educational objectives are numerous and designed by both the support staff and the supported individuals. It involves engaging in a project together, experiencing moments of well-being, making visible the social mechanisms of invisibility of precarity, and more.

For the teams, it means creating connections between professionals, between structures, and shifting perspectives.


The Social Contrast project will be presented to the general public in the form of exhibitions/vernissages. Indeed, the goal is to create and implement a celebratory moment for individuals to be ambassadors of their project, and then the exhibition will remain visible for a few weeks.