The artists of the Drôme valley are numerous, and their needs for communication, dissemination, and production follow-up were in search of a structure.
Ça m’Résille thus emerged from these requests for support.
With the health crisis, these artists experienced dark days, sometimes facing economic losses and a loss of meaning in their profession, hence the need to reinvent themselves.
Within Ça msille, they have been able to create innovative and adapted artistic projects to accompany people who are distant or even prevented from practicing or accessing culture. The desires converged towards the creation of innovative artistic mediation tools, bridging artistic professions with social and educational ones

Ça m’Résille,

As a 1901 law association, the purpose of Ça m’Résille is to support, produce, and disseminate artistic and cultural events, by and for all, without discrimination.


Ça mRésille produces and offers support for the production of shows and concerts (dissemination, payroll management, legal matters, grant research, etc.).


Additionally, it implements projects where art becomes a support for socio-educational institutions to create adapted, innovative, and relevant educational tools (films, podcasts, choirs, shows, etc.), to better accompany the audiences served.

A national STRUCTURE

Born in 2019 in the Drôme due to local needs, Ça m‘Résille proposals quickly found resonance in other departments, other structures, with other people convinced of its actions.
Thus, in addition to its headquarters in Drôme, the association has created two branches, one in Vendée and one in Loire-Atlantique.

Direction artistique –
Sébastien Lecouvreux

The richness and relevance of the artistic results come from the encounters between artists, particularly in artistic mediation. The vision and creation of educational tools were established following Sébastien LECOUVREUX’s perspective and proposals.
 It is through his encounters, sharing of know-how, common reflections, and numerous artistic exchanges and practices that he was able to develop methodologies adapted to each audience, as well as innovative artistic proposals.



Accompagnement à la réalisation de votre vidéo de communication

Support for the creation of your communication video.

The association is able to create your communication visuals, with a specific focus on video support. Find our achievements and details on our communication page.